No Risk
No Fun
Many people ask me why the whole thing
"In an interview, you say that you are not doing all this to prove anything to others.

You do it because it gives you a feeling of freedom (of normality and integration) in that moment. Because then you forget your handicaps and obstacles.
That touched me."

Stefan Hagen

Current projects

World premiere - climbing tour Sugar Loaf

400 meters of hard granite, a clear goal in mind: the summit, climbing equipment and Johnny. This is his plan for 2022.
"Some people probably raise their eyebrows in disbelief: But I want to show what is possible and be the first wheelchair user and tetra spastic person to conquer it" - the Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. I am already training for my 15-day trip to Brazil. And I am not letting the Corona crisis throw me off my tight schedule training plan. Because nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible!

Be there and become part of the world premiere yourself.

Sponsors & Donations

Currently I am still looking for sponsors and donations for the climbing expedition on Sugarloaf Mountain. I am happy about any kind of support to realise this project.

To make the project a reality, I am also happy about direct donations. You can support me and my team via the following donation account.

My donation account is:

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Johannes Grasser-Project Rio
IBAN: DE41 3705 0198 1935 4979 07
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Umgesetzte Projekte


Participation as a first person with tetra spastic in an obstacle run through mud and slush. The 16 km distance it will be; without my wheelchair and walking crutches. With ditches, steep walls and other tricky obstacles on the way. "Challange accepted" is the motto of the up to seven-member team. The plan is that Johnny will walk 0.5 km with someone holding his hands on each side and then be carried 1.5 km by his team mates. The whole thing is repeated eight times, so that Johnny has to run 4 km and is carried 12 km. The team has to overcome the obstacles together with commitment, creativity and bite. Johnny's pure running time is estimated at 2 hours. For the Mud Masters on 27.09.2020 the training in cooperation with the Stuntwerk Köln is already running. To a proper mud fight!

World record

The idea of jumping from the 7.5 m tower with a wheelchair came to me spontaneously. I was really disappointed that people are still afraid to deal with handicaped people normally. And so I thought I would simply jump from the 7.5 m tower in a wheelchair - something that no one had ever thought I could do and to take away people's fear. I had respect in advance, but not really fear. I can also fall down on the street and hit my head.


In 2018, first time ever I went from my wheelchair to the longboard – as a training purpose for my curiosity for surfing, which I had awakened a year earlier. My longboard is a self-developed special production. It has extra support wheels on the sides to prevent falling over because of my bad balance. My walking crutches give me stability. The longboard is powered by an e-motor and remote control from MELLOW BOARDS.


I came to surfing more or less by chance when I was a spectator at the ADH Open in 2016 and 2017 and thought: "That's cool. I want that too. There must be a way to do that"?!

Like for skating, I also developed myself a special surfboard, with brackets for holding on. This had absolutely not worked out in the beginning.
My goal has been to compete in the ADH Open in 2019.
In fact, the construction was finished only 10 days before. I have never been in the waves with it before and nobody knew if it would work at all. Nevertheless I participated in the ADH Open and made it to the second round right away. Should surfing ever become a paralympic sport discipline, I will give everything to be able to compete.