October 2020
Project Sugarloaf

The path is created by going in.

Support welcome!

Sponsors & Donations

Currently I am still looking for sponsors and donations for the climbing expedition on Sugarloaf Mountain. I am happy about any kind of support to realise this project.
To make the project a reality, I am also happy about direct donations. You can support me and my team via the following donation account.

My donation account is:

Sparkasse KölnBonn
Johannes Grasser-Project Rio
IBAN: DE41 3705 0198 1935 4979 07
Purpose 1: Project Rio
Purpose 2: Donor address

September 2020

Shooting for Sugarloaf project

Behind the scenes
There are already three great days of shooting for the climbing project behind us.
Even if these are exhausting days, the effort is worth it! Many thanks to the whole team and my partners who are involved in the project.

Juli 2020

Right in my element!
After a longer break from climbing, yesterday's training felt really good.
I couldn't stop smiling, as you can see. Maybe it was also due to the new equipment of Mammut. Many thanks for that!
Have a nice weekend!

JUNI 2020

Climbing training at the Kletterfabrik Köln

An up and down - also in the true sense of the word
After improving my climbing time from about 1h to 17 min for the route, another mishap yesterday.
I had to use an oldschool rental full body harness from Kletterfabrik Koeln during training, because I accidentally forgot my own chest harness. Well there are worse things
Have a nice weekend and concentrate on the positive!

MAI 2020

Restart after Corona break at the climbing factory in Cologne

What a feeling 😊😊 .
First time climbing after 3 months of break due to corona even with a tetra spastic disability.
So excited to get back to training routine for the sugar loaf mountain climbing project.

Went really well, but there is a lot of work to do the next 5 months to reach the top of sugar loaf.

Many thanks for Kletterfabrik Koeln to having you on my side supporting the project.

Let's rock it