Speaker & Coach

There is something positive,
even in the most negative.
You just have to recognize it.
Johannes Grasser

I always look for something positive - even in the most negative. You just have to be able to recognize it.

Early In my life with disability, the sentence "Nothing is impossible" became my motto.
I see problems as a challenge and always look for ways to overcome them. Even if they are not always straightforward and easy as I hope.

From my own experience I am firmly convinced that everything in life is good for something. Even if it doesn't look like it at a first glance.
With this attitude in the back of my mind, I was able to cope even with the biggest setbacks.

Nevertheless, I also had a low point where I actually wanted to give up everything, but I managed to fight my way back up again. What I have done for this and how this can be done, I would like to share with you personally in my coaching sessions, workshops or lectures.

To motivate you with my personal experiences, my lectures and coachings and to give you the strength to deal with setbacks and obstacles and even to use them positively is the aim of my lectures and workshops.
Learn to look at obstacles and situations from a "different" perspective and to use them to your advantage.

Because I know from my experiences:
These have an immediate consequence for us and our quality of life.

"With the help of Mr. Grasser's lectures, coaching sessions and workshops, you will be able to look at obstacles and problems in your life from a different perspective and it will be easier for you to master them."
(Oliver Mülhens, participant/listener).


"Riding on the wave of life" & "The jump into life"


I take the participants on a time travel through my different stages of life. From my childhood days to my school days, from my studies to my entrepreneurial activities, I report on the obstacles and show you ways how I have mastered them in my life.

In some situations you will find yourself in your own personal experiences and situations in life, and take with you suggestions and methods for changing and optimizing them - both privately and your job life.


The story of Johannes Grasser inspires the participants for their own job related and private live. After the lecture, it will be easier for them to make decisions, accept challenges and personally develop.


Managing directors, board members and entrepreneurs
Human Resources Manager
Private persons


60 - 90 minutes

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Individual Coaching

"My personal Sugar Loaf - how I achieve goals"


"Johannes Grasser is a personality who never gives up and from whom you can learn a lot.
(Martin Schmiedel, Entrepreneur)

I have achieved many impossible things that no one thought I could do - despite living with a wheelchair or many setbacks and obstacles.

Thanks to his education and his personal experience he is able to find new and individual solutions in different situations again and again.
Johannes Grasser is a personality who never gives up and from whom one can learn a lot.

In coaching, I work with you to determine which tasks you find difficult and where obstacles arise; no matter if in the job or personally. While the coaching I try to show you ways to become and be self-confident, successful and satisfied. Your personal characteristics and your environment are taken into account and integrated in a goal-oriented way.
My goal is to enable you to use these methods positively for yourself in the future.


Mediation of different techniques by which you can independently remove motivation-obstacles. I introduce several techniques to the participants and explain how to apply them. My personal success story is the central theme that runs through the entire series of events.
I show how we can specifically use motivation as strength. The workshop is based on individual obstacles that block the motivation of the participants.


Managing directors,
board members and entrepreneurs
Human Resources Manager
Private persons


Individually designable

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"Nothing is impossible"


In addition to my now successful entrepreneurial activity, I have achieved many almost impossible things that no one would have thought possible – despite my life in a wheelchair or many setbacks and obstacles.

In my workshops I take you on a journey through my often difficult life. You will understand the obstacles I had to and still have to struggle with during my day and training.

How do I manage to overcome them and emerge from them stronger?

This is what I work out together with you in my workshops.

I explain how motivation arises and how it influences our whole life. Among other things, individual motivation paths for your future are developed and presented together. This will help you to better master future challenges.
At the end of the workshop, there will be no more "impossible" for you.