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Johannes Grasser in the media

SWR Nachtcafe

I was allowed to be a guest in the program SWR Nachtcafe. Topic: My body - friend and foe.

Broadcast from 2023-01-27

ARD Morgenmagazin /

A physical impairment does not prevent Johannes Grasser from achieving the seemingly impossible. With his team, he climbs Sugarloaf Mountain in October.

Broadcast from 2022-12-22

RTL Life Magazin

The way to Rio.

Broadcast from 2022-12-17

RTL Life

Report in RTL Life from approx. minute 13 onwards

Broadcast from 2022-12-10

SWR1 Leute

"Impossible is nothing!" - Johannes Grasser has often said this to himself in his life and has always dared to take on new challenges: even as a child, he conquered black ski slopes - between his mother's legs - despite his leg-related tetraspasticity.

Podcast from 2022-12-10


DAS! with sports scientist and coach Johannes Grasser

Johannes Grasser together with, among others, Giovanni Zarrella and Ulrich Wickert at Kölner Treff.

Broadcast from 2022-11-24

WDR Kölner Treff

Johannes Grasser together with, among others, Giovanni Zarrella and Ulrich Wickert at Kölner Treff.

Broadcast from 2021-01-15

DW - Deutsche Welle

Sports Life: Against All Odds II: How to succeed in a Mud Master with tetra-spastic

Article from 2020-10-30

ProSieben Galileo

Studying sport in a wheelchair: Johnny Grasser's hard fight and how he defeats the 16km Mud Masters run in the Netherlands.

Article from 2020-10-30

W&V Podcast

There's no such thing as can't: advocating for inclusion.

People with disabilities are often excluded. Sports student Johannes Grasser also had to put up with this because of his physical limitations. In the podcast he talks about barriers in the mind and crazy projects.

Article from 2020-03-06

Deutsche Welle

"Sports student despite his disability

Johannes "Johnny" Grasser has been suffering from tetra spasticity since birth. People who are affected by this handicap are permanently bound to a wheelchair. Grasser on the other hand is active for four hours a day and studies sports at Europe's best sports university in Cologne. His dream: Surfing at the Paralympics".

Article from 2020-02-13

bento - the young magazine of the Spiegel

After his diagnosis he would actually not be able to move. But Johannes "Johnny" Grasser climbs, skates, surfs - and has managed to get accepted for a sports studies degree.

Article from 2019-10-26

ZDF – Volle Kanne

Johannes Grasser is a sports student in Cologne. He is no ordinary sports student, but the only one in the whole of Europe to study sport with tetraspasticity: his arms and legs have had severe motor impairments since birth.

Article from 2020-07-08


Nothing is impossible - Johnny Grasser surfs despite physical limitations!

Post from 2020-06-17

Auf dem Weg – Presenter Sebastian Messerschmidt

Johnny Grasser - motivating athlete of life. On the impressive sportive way with severe physical handicap.

Article from 2019-05-30


Interview von Martin Schmiedel

In this interview, Johannes Grasser describes how he copes with the challenges in his life with physical impairment, what experiences he has had and what future plans he has.

Interview from April 2019

RTL West


The 29-year-old from Cologne loves challenges. The fact that he has been in a wheelchair since birth has never been an obstacle for him. Despite his limitations, he studies sports and even skates. With a longboard that was specially modified for him. Johnny doesn't need pity. He tries to get everything out of himself every day. Sport is his medicine."

Article from 2018-11-14

"According to his diagnosis, Johnny would have to lie in bed all day and be completely dependent on help. But he is studying sports and has even been riding longboard for a few months now. In 2020, he actually wanted to compete in surfing at the Paralympics.

Article from 2018-11-04

Johannes Grasser (Sportec Performance) interviewed by - How do we drive digitization?

Article from 2018-06-12


The program Mensch Otto! - Mensch Theile!

Article from 2015-02-25

Bayern5 aktuell

The health magazine - Living with disability
(from minute 9:55)

Article from 2013-11-17