Johannes Grasser


Johannes Grasser M.Sc.

"I am a sports scientist, speaker, motivational coach and consultant.
Almost as a matter of course I ride a longboard, jump with my wheelchair from a 7.5 m board, ran the 16km Mud Masters and plan to climb the 400m high Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro in the 2nd half of 2022! For me, nothing is impossible!

I did not and do not want to give external influences the power over my life.
I am the boss of my life - and therefore also responsible for it. In order for me to remain so, the following is important:
Not to stand still, to be open for new things and to look for creative solutions.
This – for me – creates happiness, joy, success and new creativity.

My book project
"Niemand bremst mich aus"

You can order my book from Amazon, or Apple Books.

Stop! You can buy a signed copy of the book directly from me. Send me a short email with your address and how many books you would like.

About me
Having a tetra spastic - so what?

With this handicap - the most severe form as well - I should actually not be able to sit, stand or walk independently. But I am a sports scientist. Nothing is impossible!

From surfboard to sugar loaf

Whether jumps from the 7.5 m tower, cycling, skating, surfing or simply running the Mud Masters, everything is possible. With a lot of discipline, training and indestructible will, the next goal for 2022 has already been set: the conquest of the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro.
you never try you never know