Johannes Grasser


Johannes Grasser M.Sc.

"I am a sports scientist, speaker, motivational coach and consultant.
Almost as a matter of course I ride a longboard, jump with my wheelchair from a 7.5 m board, ran the 16km Mud Masters and plan to climb the 400m high Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro in the 2nd half of 2022! For me, nothing is impossible!

I did not and do not want to give external influences the power over my life.
I am the boss of my life - and therefore also responsible for it. In order for me to remain so, the following is important:
Not to stand still, to be open for new things and to look for creative solutions.
This – for me – creates happiness, joy, success and new creativity.

Standing ovation at the New Year's reception

On January 21, I had the honor of speaking as a keynote speaker at the New Year's reception of the city of Bamberg in front of 1,500 guests from business, politics and the state government. Among other things, it was of course as a matter of the heart about the political situation of inclusion and motivation for the year 2023.

My book project
"Niemand bremst mich aus"

You can order my book from Amazon, or Apple Books.

Stop! You can buy a signed copy of the book directly from me. Send me a short email with your address and how many books you would like.

Arriving at the summit of
Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio.

After three years of planning, physical training that pushed me to the limit and an incredible team, we climbed Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio!

About me
Having a tetra spastic - so what?

With this handicap - the most severe form as well - I should actually not be able to sit, stand or walk independently. But I am a sports scientist. Nothing is impossible!

From surfboard to sugar loaf

Whether jumps from the 7.5 m tower, cycling, skating, surfing or simply running the Mud Masters, everything is possible. With a lot of discipline, training and indestructible will, the next goal for 2022 has already been set: the conquest of the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro.
you never try you never know